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I Have Rose Bushes That Won’t Bloom. I Have Fertilized…

Mary Asked

I have rose bushes that won’t bloom. I have fertilized and done what I could to get them to bloom but they won’t. What should i do to get them to bloom?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Mary: This seems to be a popular question these days. As I have told other gardeners recently there are a couple different reasons why roses typically do not bloom. The most common is not enough light and sometimes in combination with too much or too few nutrients. If your rose is not getting a minimum of six hours of direct sun each day it should definitely should be moved to a sunnier location. You mentioned that you did fertilize, so as long as you followed the application rates recommended by the product you used this should not be the issue. If the plant looks healthy otherwise and is getting enough sun it could be a nutrient issue. You can always have your soil tested just to be sure. Your County Cooperative Extension Service offers this service for a small fee. If your plant is not blooming and not looking healthy you should take a sample to a garden center/nursery or to your horticulture agent at the Extension office for analysis. The Breckinridge County offices are located at 1377 Hwy 261 South in Hardinsburg. Their phone number is (270) 756-2182.

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