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I Have Three Beautiful Mini Rose Bushes And They Have…

David Asked

I have three beautiful mini rose bushes and they have hundreds of blooms, but we have had 3 inches of rain over the last week and the weight of the rain has made them look ugly and many stems and petals have collapsed toward the lawn. Should I prune them back to lessen the weight so they look nice again, or just wait til next winter and prune them?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hi, David: Heavy and accumulating rainfall can make our gardens look beat-up. Usually after a couple of dry and sunny days the plants will perk up but if this is not the case you always have the option of staking your roses. There are all kinds of plant stakes on the market; a half hoop or two half hoops placed together to create a circle would be ideal. Check to see what they carry at your local garden center or get creative and make your own. Staking will be an easy task considering you are dealing with miniature roses. Pruning is also an option and doing so now will encourage new growth but you will obviously lose any flowers already blooming or in bud stage if you prune at this point. If you decide to prune make sure your tools are clean and sharp. The general rule is that you do not want to remove more than one-third the size of the plant at one time. So keep this in mind when visualizing how far back to cut. You will want to prune slightly above an outward-facing bud.

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