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I Have Two Hydrangeas Planted Next To Each Other Getting…

Sandie Asked

I have two hydrangeas planted next to each other getting morning sun. One is full of blooms and the other has not the first bloom. Why?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hi, Sandie: I would not be too concerned about your hydrangea not having any blooms quite yet. It is still very early in the growing season and as long as your shrub looks healthy and has flowered in the past, just give it time and you should see blooms soon. I know it does not make much sense that one is in bloom and the other is not, but there are other factors to take into consideration. How old are your hydrangeas? If they were planted within the past year, it may be that the one is concentrating its energy on establishing a root system. Is it possible there is more root competition for one plant than the other? Did you prune them at all this year? Depending on which hydrangea you are growing, pruning at the wrong time of year can eliminate potential blooms. If they have been planted for more than a year, go ahead and fertilize if you have not already done so. Always follow recommendations for application rates since over-fertilizing can also prevent blooms. Don’t be too discouraged, the season is just getting started.

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