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I Inadvertently Had Roundup Sprayed Near My Butterfly Bushes And…

richard Asked

I inadvertently had roundup sprayed near my butterfly bushes and growing wisteria vines. The wisteria flowers all have basiclaly died and the leaves are now mainly yellow. It was very vibrant with a mind of its own. The butterfly bushes look wilted as well. ANYTHING I can do? Been over a week. Will giving it lots of water do any good. What about some nutrients. If they are dead for the season will it come back next year?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Richard: I am sorry to say that it does not sound good for your plants that were sprayed with RoundUp. Unfortunately once this product comes into contact with plant foliage it is absorbed and the reaction cannot be reversed. This non-selective herbicide; with the active ingredient glyphosate; will kill any plant it comes into contact with. This is why spraying on a windy day is not recommended and using a shield guard is a good idea. So, at this point the damage is done and from you have described it does not sound like they are going to return. Adding additional moisture or nutrients will not be beneficial. It is just a waiting game now and since it has been over a week you should now see the full affect of this product. I wish I had better news for you but you might start thinking about replacement plants.

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