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We Have A Sloping Hillside That Is Too Steep To…

Irene Asked

We have a sloping hillside that is too steep to safely cut. What would you recommend to plant that would not require much care and be relatively inexpensive? The area is 30 x 70.

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Irene: Planting on a slope will help bind the soil, which will prevent erosion and reduce the maintenance on your part since you will not need to mow. Choosing a plant for this site will depend on a couple of different factors. First, how many hours of sunlight does this area receive? Six or more hours is considered full sun, anything less than three is considered shade, and anything in between is part-sun. How tall do you want this planting to be? Do you want more of a groundcover or something with a little height to it? Would you prefer this planting to be evergreen or does it matter? If you give me details I can give you more specific recommendations. Considering the space that you are planting, the more economical way to go would be to seed the area. Otherwise, purchase smaller plants as opposed to larger ones. They will grow and it will be more cost-efficient for you. Here are a few suggestions for a shady location: hosta, epimedium, ajuga, and of course ivy. Options for a sunnier location include assorted sedums, juniper, vinca, lysmachia, ivy, and thyme. As with all plantings, they will need a little more attention on your part for the first growing season. Additional moisture is needed to help them establish a healthy root system, which will help keep the soil intact and then maintaining the space will be much easier than mowing!

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