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When Is The Best Time To Separate Hostas For More…

Barb Asked

When is the best time to separate hostas for more plantings? Also, where can we find the Knock Out Rose radsunny? Local garden centers don’t seem to have them.

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Barb: Hostas can be divided anytime from the spring through the early fall. The ideal time to divide them is now through September. Just be sure that you are going to be in town to water them while they are getting adjusted to their new home. When you decide to divide them, use a garden fork or spade and dig up the entire plant, being careful not to damage any of the roots in the process. After the plant is lifted out of the ground, lay it on its side and use your hands to pull apart the divisions. If the plant is very large and established, you may need to use your spade to divide the hosta. Make sure to keep as much of the root system intact as possible and transplant them immediately. Having your holes pre-dug is a great way to reduce stress during the process, and getting them back in the soil so the roots are not exposed to the heat and wind is essential for a successful transplant. Water well for the next month and avoid fertilizing at least until next spring. As for the newest Knock Out Rose, check around at your local garden centers to see if they carry the Sunny Knock Out Rose, or if this not a plant they usually have ask them if they could special order for you. In most cases any locally owned garden center or nursery is happy to oblige as long as they have access to these plants. In some cases the growers that they purchase from do not grow these plants so you would have to go another route. We do carry them at The Plant Kingdom in Louisville if you wanted to make the trip. We would be happy to hold one or more for you. Our Phone number is (502) 893-7333. There are several sources online if you wanted to mail order these roses.

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