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Where Can I Find River Soil Near Lagrange For My…

Dede Asked

Where can I find river soil near LaGrange for my garden? I heard it was the best soil from a Louisiana native.

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Dede in Kentucky: Soil composition varies greatly depending on what part of the country you live in, which in part explains why some plants thrive in certain regions and others don’t. Here in Kentucky our soil is predominantly a silt/loam mixture and it contains more clay than most soils do. For the most part our soils drain well if not compacted. If you are gardening on a new construction site, drainage will be an issue and you will want to amend with a bit of sand or an expanded slate product sold as Permatil. As for river soil, this is soil that has been excavated from the bottom of a river and is going to have more of a sandy makeup. If you need to add soil to your garden beds or you are creating a raised bed, it is important to purchase quality soil. If you are dealing with a large space you can buy soil in bulk or if it is a smaller garden you can purchase bagged. Bulk soil has been excavated and hopefully screened. Some companies offer soil that is already blended with sand and/or compost or you can add compost yourself. It is important not to work the soil if it is wet. This only compacts the soil further and inhibits air movement that is essential for plant health. You can always have your soil tested through your county cooperative Extension service. For a small fee they will send your samples off to the lab and your results will tell you current pH and nutrient/ mineral levels. This is helpful in understanding your soil and if it needs to be amended. Crane Landscaping on Old Lagrange Road offers bulk river soil. You can contact them at (502) 241-6489.

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