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What tree would you not find in Kentucky?

Lonnie Asked

What tree would you not find in Kentucky?

The Gardener’s Answer

There are many trees that you will not find in our Kentucky landscape. All plants, including trees, have their own evolutionary history. Although some have been introduced to different parts of the world and thrive, others are only happy growing in their native environment.

When considering a new planting, it is always best to purchase a species/cultivar that is disease-resistant and recommended for your hardiness zone. We also have to take into account soil condition, space limitations, and available sunlight.

If you have not had your soil tested recently, this can be done through your county Cooperative Extension Service. It’s always good to know if your soil needs improvement before planting. Lucky for us, Kentucky’s forests are among some of the most diverse in the world! We have a lot of trees to choose from.

For a list of native trees, click here. Trees can be planted year-round as long as the ground is not frozen, although you will typically find a larger selection at your local garden centers/nurseries in the spring.

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