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I Have A Purple Weed Flower With A Yellow Center….

Gary Asked

I have a purple weed flower with a yellow center. The flowers are about 10 cm in diameter. It grows from one root and spreads rapidly through the neighborhood lawns. How do I get rid of it and what is it?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Gary: As the saying goes, “everything is a weed somewhere” is true in this case. You are gardening in a different part of the country than I am, so it could very well be that I am not familiar with the plant you are describing. It does not sound like any weed we have here in Kentucky. If you could give me more information in terms of the shape of the bloom as well as the time of year it blooms, the height of the plant, and the shape of the foliage, it would also be helpful. You are welcome to send pictures to From what you have described it sounds like it has quite a large bloom. One possibility would be a silver-leaf nightshade. It has a star-shaped bloom with prickly foliage. You can always take a sample to the McLennan County Cooperative Extension Service, which is located at 420 North 6th Street in Waco. The horticulture agent will be able to identify the plant for you and give you advice on control. Their phone number is (254) 757-5180 and you can visit their Web site at

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