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Can Hardwood Rose Cuttings Be Successfully Rooted In The Summer?

Minyahil Asked

Can hardwood rose cuttings be successfully rooted in the summer?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Minyahil: Propagating a rose by cuttings is very common although softwood cuttings root more readily. The best time to take your softwood cutting is during the spring or early summer. Hardwood cuttings are usually reserved for climbers or rootstock propagation. Hardwood cuttings can be taken in the late fall or early winter. Both hard and softwood cuttings are taken and propagated in the same manner. Use a clean, sharp pair of pruners and take your cuttings from the newest growth. The cuttings should be 6-8 inches long. Remove all foliage except for the top leaves and dip the end of the cutting in water and then a rooting hormone, which you should be able to find at your local garden center. Plant your cuttings in small containers filled with a vermiculite, perlite mixture or any good container mix. Place in a bright place but out of the full sun. Keep the soil evenly moist. Your cutting should root in six to eight weeks. You can tug gently on the cutting to see if it has rooted yet. After it has rooted out you can bump it up into a larger container or, depending on the time of year, you can plant it directly in the garden. Either way you will want to acclimate your new plants into the full sun so the new growth will not burn.

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