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Without Thinking I Dug Up My 2-year Old Concord Grape…

Louetta Asked

Without thinking I dug up my 2-year old Concord grape vine. Can I plant it now? If not, will it survive if I keep it inside until spring and then plant it?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Louetta: We all make mistakes in the garden but this is how we learn right? So, yes, you should get your vine back in the ground as soon as possible and treat it like you would any other new addition to the garden. As long as the roots have not dried out it should be fine; grapes are pretty tough plants. You will want to give it additional moisture when you get it back in the ground and add a couple inches of mulch to help keep the moisture in and help to insulate the roots during the winter months. You will not need to water like you would in the spring since the temperatures and light levels are much lower at this time of year. Avoid over watering since this can cause root rot. Avoid fertilizing this time of year since we do not want to encourage new growth that will be susceptible to winter damage. For now just get the vine back in the soil and water it in. Next spring you will know if the vine survived and then go ahead and fertilize if you want to. If the vine is still alive it will not have a better chance of surviving indoors. It will be much happier planted back in the soil outside. This is not true for all plants but it is for this woody vine, so get your spade out!

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