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I Have Bhut Pepper Seeds, The Hottest Pepper In The…

Nathaniel Asked

i have bhut pepper seeds, the hottest pepper in the world. They said they have to be in 80 to 89 degree weather. In Illinois it doesnt that, so I’m asking if I can put them in my mom’s car or would that be too hot? Also, can you tell me how to? grow them? I bought six of them for $30 so I don’t want too waste them.

The Gardener’s Answer

Hi, Nathaniel: The seeds will need to be potted up into small containers no bigger than a couple of inches and filled with a good seeding/soil mix. You can purchase seed-starting products such as peat pots at your local garden center. Plant the seeds ¼ inch deep and keep the soil evenly moist. It could take several weeks for the peppers to germinate so be patient. Once you have them planted they will need to be in a space where they will receive bright filtered light, indoors in a south-facing window or outdoors where they will not come into contact with direct sunlight. As far as the temperature needed for germination, this can be acquired a couple of different ways. Some seed-starter kits come with a clear plastic top. If you can’t find one of these you can always substitute the clear plastic top with Saran wrap. This will create an environment that would make the air temperature warmer than it actually is. I do not think there is any need to place them in your mom’s car. I think she will be happy to hear that you will not be propagating/watering your peppers in her vehicle!

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