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Do Dipladenias Come Back Every Year If Left Outside In…

Tammy Asked

Do dipladenias come back every year if left outside in the ground?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hi, Tammy: Dipladenias are considered a tropical for those of us not gardening in hardiness zones 10 or 11. This means they will not survive our winter temperatures, but they can be overwintered indoors and then taken back out the following spring. Bring your tropical inside before the first frost and place it in a south-facing window or anywhere it will receive bright light. You will want to cut back on your watering as well as fertilizing during the winter months. Keep the soil on the dry side but do not allow it to completely dry out. It will likely not bloom inside and by the end of the winter it may not look great, but the idea is to keep the plant alive so you can enjoy it again next season. Once May 10 passes, place the dipladenia back outside in a shady spot. Gradually acclimate it to the full sun, give it a dose of your favorite fertilizer, and enjoy. Dipladenias are prolific bloomers and provide wonderful color in the summer garden.

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