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What Poppies Are Best To Grow From Seed In My…

Phyllis Asked

What poppies are best to grow from seed in my zone and where can I get them?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hi, Phyllis: According to the USDA hardiness zone map you are gardening in zone 4b-5a. The most common perennial poppy you could start from seed is the Oriental poppy (Papaver orientale). All poppies grow best in cooler climates. They will likely be much happier growing in your garden than in mine, which is zone 6b-7a. They tend to be short-lived perennials in Southern gardens but they will generally reseed from year to year. Although they may not come true to seed, they still provide blooms each spring. There are many cultivars of the Oriental poppy blooming in shades of red and pink. They should be grown in full sun and well-drained soil. These seeds should not be too hard to find. It is always best to purchase high-quality seeds from a reputable source. Check with your local garden centers or if you have any specialty seed stores they would be a good one to check with. There are many catalogs you could mail order these seeds from as well.

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