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I Am Thinking Of Planting A Ginkgo Tree. Would It…

Phyllis Asked

I am thinking of planting a ginkgo tree. Would it be able to survive and do well in this area? It will be in our front yard.

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Phyllis: Ginkgo trees are among some of the oldest trees on earth. They are quite impressive at maturity and have stunning fall color. Ginkgos are free of many pest and disease problems and are perfectly hardy for a Kentucky garden. Choosing a tree to plant in the front landscape is an important decision. Making sure you select a tree that can thrive in the conditions you can provide is important for the long term. Ginkgo trees require a minimum of six hours of sunlight each day but are not too picky in terms of soil conditions, although moist, well-drained would be preferred. They will reach upward of 50 feet tall and 30-40 feet wide. Ginkgos are slow growers but they will need that space to grow into. When it comes time to purchase your ginkgo, make sure to buy a named male cultivar such as ‘Autumn Gold.’ The fruit produced on a female ginkgo has a very distinct odor, and not in a good way. They may not fruit for many years but if/when they do you will not be happy about your purchase. Buy your tree from a reputable garden center or nursery to be certain that you are getting a male.

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