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Care for the cacti

Points for growing succulents

Growing living plants inside our homes is as popular as ever. One area with lots of growing enthusiasm is in growing cacti and succulents. This group of plants is quite diverse and there are so many types to choose from, there is certainly one for everyone to enjoy.

A few prickly points about cacti and succulents: They are not all prickly or spiny. It can be hard to tell, so the general rule is don’t touch them until you know for sure. Most also tend to grow very slowly, so it is best to plant them in small or shallow pots, and always use a specific soil for cacti and succulents. Other soils may hold too much water, which can be harmful to the roots. If you take them outside in the summer, which is an excellent idea, select a pot with a drain hole, and make sure to place them in an area that is protected from rain so they don’t get too wet.

Though most require less water than other traditional houseplants, watering is still important. Water about every three weeks but each variety is unique. The environment in which they are placed can also have an impact on when and how much you need to water.

When growing cacti and succulents inside, make sure to place them in an area with natural light. They will decline if placed in locations with very low or no natural light. If you want to place them on display in an area with no natural light, I suggest buying two of the same plant. Have one on display and one in the window. Every three weeks when you water, rotate the one in the window into the display, and place the one that was on display in the window. Continue to rotate every three weeks. This system is simple and works great.

Most cacti and succulents have the ability to live long and healthy lives even when grown indoors. Following a few simple rules for their specific care will ensure that these low-maintenance beauties remain healthy and happy as a part of your interior home décor.



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