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Garden fun | Honorable mention

Gardens are beautiful in their own right, but sometimes a good garden has a little extra flair. We asked readers to submit photos of their garden art, be it gnome or statue. Here are a few more of our favorites!

Mary Ellen Spencer, Prospect, has written a book chronicling the adventures of Benjamin, who lives behind this fairy door made of polymer clay and decorated with natural material. The book is called Magical Neighbors and can be purchased on 

Barbara Gardner’s granddaughter, Jayela, has a fairy garden at Gardner’s Nelson County home. Gardner, Coxs Creek, is a consumer-member of Salt River Electric. 

Dottie Adams, Mount Sterling, consumer-member of Clark Energy, hung this chandelier, which was painted by her daughter, inside her garden trellis. Underneath, a ladybug family calls the garden home. 

Rebecca Lawless, Lawrenceburg, makes handmade hypertufa troughs, pots and accent pieces that “blend so naturally tucked among garden plantings,” she says. 

When learning to fly, Heidi Whitlow, Shelbyville, consumer-member of Shelby Energy, and her husband made a trip to Batavia, Ohio. “While entering the pattern, we heard two pilots having a bit of a tiff over the radio,” she says. The angry, canine pilot depicted on this kinetic wind sculpture reminds her of the older pilot who ended the air argument with, “I’ll get your N number!”—the equivalent of reporting someone’s license plate. 

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