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Perennial prairie plant

Every garden needs some Moon Dust

Have you ever known of a perennial flower that you just always seemed reluctant to buy and plant in your garden? Then one day you are standing there in your garden center looking at one and decide, “I think I need to plant this in my garden.” This is exactly what happened to me with yarrow Moon Dust.

It is the first yarrow I have ever planted in my own garden. It seems silly because there are many popular varieties and I have planted them in many other gardens. Yarrow Moon Dust, shown above, won me over with is compact size, growing only 12 to 14 inches tall, nearly half the size of most yarrow. Its flowers are a subtle light yellow and the plant blooms from early summer to fall.

This easy to care for perennial prefers full sun and well-drained soil. Simple deadheading to remove spent flowers will help with the overall appearance but is not necessary for continuous flowering. Flowers are abundant and can also be used as cut flowers. Yarrow is an excellent choice when planting a bee- and butterfly-friendly garden. It is also deer-resistant.

At first it seems it should just be planted in a meadow or prairie garden, but it is actually right at home in the traditional perennial border. The compact size and subtle yellow flowers specific to Moon Dust also make it an excellent perennial choice for the currently trending modern contemporary landscape. Low maintenance, long bloom period, and design versatility make this perennial a great choice for almost any garden.

Shelly Nold for the October 2016 issue

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