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Happy campers

Roughing it ain’t what it used to be, and let’s be honest—that’s a good thing. With these clever gadgets, you can venture into the great outdoors and still enjoy some of the creature comforts of home. 

Cook and charge Cook up an epic campfire meal and charge your cellphone at the same time with the BioLite CampStove 2. It turns sticks and twigs into smokeless flames that can boil a liter of water in under five minutes while also generating 5 volts of electricity. The onboard battery pack detaches to power a variety of USB devices and accessories. $130, (844) 824-6548,


Cool breeze Tent living is twice as nice with the Coleman CPX 6 Lighted Tent Fan. Hang it overhead or prop it on a built-in stand to direct a quiet, cooling airflow and 99 lumens of light right where you want them. Powered by a CPX rechargeable power cartridge (included), it will give you 10 hours per charge on the highest fan setting, 30 hours on low speed. In a pinch, you can also use four D-cell batteries. $40, (800) 835-3278,


Disco campfire Light up your campsite with some fun flashes of color with this multitasking Traverse Cube Outdoor Speaker Lantern. It’s an outdoor-rated Bluetooth speaker and a helpful lantern, but when the music is blaring, the light changes colors along with the beat. Dance party, anyone? $59, (800) 441-5713;


peaker in a jar When you’re tired of singing camp songs and swapping ghost stories, you just want to sit back and listen to your tunes. But with the crickets and other sounds of nature, it’s hard to hear. That’s when the Bluetooth Mason Jar Speaker comes in handy. It looks like a pickle jar, but it delivers wireless sound that will have you jamming by the campfire. $60, (888) 365-0056,


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