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High-tech bathrooms

Turn your bathroom into a personal spa and pamper yourself with this luxurious collection of health and beauty gadgets


Dental tag team – You hear it on every visit to the denti—brush and floss. Maybe it’s time to step up your dental game with the Waterpik Complete Care Flosser and Oscillating Toothbrush System, featuring both functions in a single countertop device. Your teeth and your dentist will thank you. $100, (800) 462-3966,

Wax wonder – No need to head to a salon for baby-smooth skin and expensive wax treatments. With the ParaSpa Plus Paraffin Bath, you’ll use the combination of heat and hypoallergenic wax to get spa-level results right in your own home. $40, (800) 466-3342,

Easy clean – Let’s face it: Cleaning the bathroom is no fun, especially when it comes to mopping around all those nooks and crannies—unless you have an iRobot Braava jet 240 Mopping Robot. Program the square droid to sweep and mop all your tile, stone and hardwood floors and cross that chore off your to-do list forever. $200, (800) 462-3966,



Weight watcher – The Nokia Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale is like your own personal weight coach. This smart scale also calculates your body fat, sends your weigh-in to an app on your phone and even gives you the daily weather forecast. It stores data for up to eight users. Talk about a support group! $100, (800) 430-3376,

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