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Special Forces series blends action, romance 

Throughout central Kentucky author Hallee Bridgeman’s life, she has been surrounded by soldiers who have served in the United States Army Special Forces, including her father and her husband. Several of her friends also still serve in this highly specialized division of the military. Because of her deep affection for the soldiers and the military life she loves, the former Army brat wanted to write a book series that accurately portrays the courage and sacrifice involved with this culture. 

Her Love and Honor series, packed with action but not leaving out romance, begins with Honor Bound. Here, readers are introduced to the members of a Special Forces unit that are followed throughout the next two books. Each spotlights a different soldier while weaving together their stories as they navigate battles and struggles in and out of combat. 

Set in an African jungle as well as on Capitol Hill, Honor Bound focuses on Capt. Rick Norton, leader of a unit that calls him Daddy due to his fierce protectiveness of his men, and Dr. Cynthia Myers, daughter of a high profile Washington, D.C., politician. Tired of the shallowness of her social circle after a relationship gone sour, Cynthia takes her obstetrics skills to a remote village in Africa where she can make a difference and focus on what she feels meant to do. 

Though his career is dangerous, stressful and sometimes lonely, Rick knows that it is more than a job: Being a soldier is who he is. Nothing distracts him from the mission—until his mission involves the safety of a certain fiercely independent doctor who doesn’t want to leave the people she has grown to love. Both soldier and doctor will be forced to evaluate their paths and politics as their worlds and hearts collide. 

Heart-stopping action forces Cynthia to draw on medical skills far outside the realm of childbirth, and the resulting relationships with her patients lead readers to the second and third books in the series, Word of Honor and Honor’s Refuge, where these characters’ stories continue. 

Bridgeman says, “I love strong heroes and heroines who are truly self-sacrificing, whose love for their country and families leads them to lay down their lives to protect them.” Special Forces soldiers “exude honor and respect,” she says of her experience with them. Bridgeman has written her characters to reflect all these traits, creating in her readers a greater appreciation for those who keep this country and its freedoms safe.

All titles in Hallee Bridgeman’s Love and Honor series, $17.99 each, are published by Revell Books. 

Bridgeman has been active in many writing organizations—including the Kentucky Christian Writers Conference. She is a USA Today bestselling and award-winning author, and is also an accomplished speaker. She has taught writers around the globe, from Sydney, Australia, to Dallas, Texas, to Washington, D.C. She lives in central Kentucky with her husband and three children. 

Bridgeman loves to hear from readers and can be reached at hallee@hallee Visit to learn about her other works. 

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