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How Kentucky Wages Stack Up With The Nation

Wondering how wages in the Bluegrass State compare to national averages?

For all occupations, Kentucky’s mean annual wage estimate is $37,370. This falls short of the national average of $43,460 annually. That means Kentuckians, on average, earn a shocking $2.93 less an hour than the national average. (Note: Kentucky has a lower cost of living than many states; these figures are not adjusted for that.)

Here are some occupational areas in which Kentucky’s average exceeds the national average:

Farming, fishing, and forestry
The national average is $23,990, while Kentucky’s average is $25,930; 94 cents an hour more for Kentuckians.

Transportation and material moving
The national average is $32,180, while Kentucky’s average is $33,270; 52 cents an hour more for Kentuckians.

While Kentucky has advantages in these two occupational categories, it falls behind on almost all of the other major occupational categories, including construction, education, business and financial operations, health care, sales, production, personal care and services, office and administrative support, and legal occupations.

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics

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