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Helping members save energy

Awards for the most
Three Kentucky electric cooperatives were honored recently for helping members become more energy efficient, and their efforts were recognized at the 2015 Midwest Residential Energy Conference sponsored by Kentucky’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives.

South Kentucky RECC staff members show off their award for “Most Button Ups,” a program that helps co-op members make their homes more energy efficient. Left to right are energy advisors Chuck Ball, Jeff Girdler, Nora Wall, and David Withers. Far right is Alan Coffey, Member Services and Marketing manager for South Kentucky RECC. Photo: Mark Mahan/Mahan Photography

South Kentucky RECC was recognized for “Most Button-Ups,” a program that helps members make their homes more energy efficient through improvements to windows and doors or by adding insulation. Farmers RECC was honored for “Most Duct Systems Sealed,” and Blue Grass Energy Cooperative for “Most Touchstone Energy New Homes.”
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Saving with eScore

Members of Warren RECC can increase the comfort in their home and save money through eScore, a residential energy-efficiency program for existing homes. Partnering with TVA, Warren’s eScore program offers qualifying homeowners rebates for a variety of energy-saving home improvements, including new duct systems, heat pumps, windows, storm windows, as well as air sealing and tune-ups for central air-conditioning units.

[x_pullquote cite=”W. Scott” type=”aligncenter”]“The eScore program affords an opportunity for Warren RECC members to add value to their energy dollars through energy improvements to existing homes.”[/x_pullquote]

Ramsey, Warren RECC CEO. “Homeowners can work at their own pace to complete energy improvements to achieve the maximum efficiency eScore of 10. Over time, the cost of energy improvements will be recovered through energy savings.”

Four other Kentucky cooperatives—Pennyrile Electric, Hickman-Fulton Counties RECC, West Kentucky RECC, and Tri-County Electric—also offer eScore. Call your local co-op for more details.

Five Kentucky electric co-ops, in partnership with TVA, offer eScore, an energy-efficiency program for homeowners. Here, Andy Mills and Andrew Prince, with CLEAResult, an independent energy advisory service, examine the condition of an HVAC system during an eScore energy evaluation. Photo: Scott Duvall

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Debra Gibson Isaacs from November 2015 Issue

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