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Kentucky Living 2014 Energy Guide

Check out the Kentucky Living Energy Guide for tips on reducing your annual energy costs for heating and cooling, lighting, and water heating.

Click here to view the Kentucky Living 2014 Energy Guide PDF.


2014 energy incentives and rebates
For an up-to-date listing of rebate programs and tax incentives currently being offered by your local cooperative as well as from state and federal, click “2014 energy incentives and rebates“.

Avoiding HVAC headaches
For more information on choosing an HVAC system, click “Avoiding HVAC headaches“.

How to adjust your thermostat
Do you know how to use your programmable thermostat to maximize energy efficiency? Did you know you shouldn’t schedule large day-to-day temperature fluctuations if you have a geothermal system? For other tips, click “How to adjust your thermostat“.

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