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Kentucky Music Hall of Fame

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Eddie Montgomery of Montgomery Gentry has much to be excited about this month with the duo’s induction into the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame and the release of their new album Folks Like Us on June 9. The album with songs like Headlights, Back on a Dirt Road, and Hillbilly Hippies is vintage Montgomery Gentry.

“I think it’s true to who we are,” notes Montgomery, “Plus, I think it’s got more of the modern production on it than we had when we first came out. But it’s still got that rawness, which I like.”

Montgomery and duo partner Troy Gentry have maintained the same hard-energy, raucous style since forming in 1999.

“I think it has a lot to do with growing up in bars and honky-tonks. Of course my mom and dad were musicians and Troy’s dad ran a bar and restaurant forever. I think just playing all these years and listening to everybody, just kind of made us who we are.”

For the past 15 years, Montgomery Gentry has maintained a strong presence on the country music scene with hit singles like Something to Be Proud Of, Gone, and Lucky Man. In spite of the group’s success, Montgomery never left Kentucky and still lives in Perryville.

“There’s nothing like Kentucky to me, I love it. It’s my heart, my soul, and of course,” he adds with a laugh, “Kentucky basketball, too! I’ve been beat on and beat up and beat down over everybody wanting me to move to Nashville and I just never did do it. I figure I’m three hours away and if I need to, I can get down there pretty quick.”

He says he and Gentry are proud of this year’s induction into the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame.

“Just growing up with all of the great stars and legends and the tradition of Kentucky music. You grow up dreaming hoping one day you can be a part of it. And once you get the call, it’s just unbelievable.”

The induction ceremony is set for April 10.

More Kentucky music at Renfro Valley

The 2015 Kentucky Music Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in Lexington is sold out, but you can always visit the museum located in Renfro Valley. The museum, located off I-75, exit 62, touches on Kentucky’s music history and highlights the careers of previous and new inductees with exhibits, videos, memorabilia, and more. There’s also live musical performances during the spring and summer. For more information go to

Read more about Montgomery Gentry and the 2015 Kentucky Hall of Fame inductees in Kentucky Living’s April 2015 issue, in Commonwealths.

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