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Man o’ War, the Greatest Name in Thoroughbred Racing

Read this Throwback Thursday story from the pages of Kentucky Living (Rural Kentuckian), Man o’ War, October 1985.

Of all the great horses which have thundered over the American Turf, one towers above them all. “If I wanted him to walk, he wanted to jog,” said his trainer, Louis C. Feustel. “If I wanted him to jog, he wanted to gallop. No matter what I wanted, he wanted to go faster.”

That was Man o’ War. His very name suggests strength, power. He was a super horse, of greater dimensions than previous champions. He was taller than most horses, growing to 16.2 hands. He held his head higher than most horses, and this, together with an impatience with restraint, lent pomp and circumstance to his way of going, an air of majesty. He did not beat his rivals, he conquered them.

Read the full story…Throwback Thursday Man o’ War.

 Kent Hollingsworth from October 1985 Issue

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