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Marking Time

A unique value of this time of year is the path it takes us on toward reflecting on things that matter but are too-often overlooked: from a holiday devoted to giving thanks, through our religious traditions, to a time for recalling the past, and then looking toward a fresh year.

Preparing this month’s magazine started my meditative season with a notice I received on an unexpected milestone-the 50th anniversary of the development of no-till agriculture.

You can read how this world-changing innovation started with the idea of a Christian County farmer who then worked with Extension agents to spread the word. A roadside historical marker enshrines the location and the achievement, as well it should.

Just a few days after working on that story, I encountered another roadside marker, when I attended the 75th anniversary celebration of Kenergy electric co-op in Henderson. The ceremony was a simple one, just a few giant steps from where the historical marker declared that what was then called Henderson Rural Electric Cooperative, energized the first co-op electric lines in Kentucky.

Like the sign for the no-till revolution, the marker on this unassuming site along Highway 41A stands as a reminder of a simple act of smarts and hard work that improved people’s lives far and wide, and forever.

Kentucky also provides monuments to spiritual pioneers in the history behind Shaker settlements and the Trappists’ Abbey of Gethsemani. You can read about the surprising intersection of these faith movements in the “Spiritual Crossroads” feature.

No-till, electric co-ops, Shaker Village, and Gethsemani remind us that great thoughts and great history are not so far away. In fact, this is the season we make our own history through our annual traditions. In this issue, you can read about how different Kentucky families preserve their own celebrations through customs they have cultivated for the generations.

Whether your celebrations this year are loud and joyous, or quiet and meditative, you can know you’re part of recognizing the meaningful moments of life.

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