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Want to drive a retired Humvee? Kentucky lawmakers weigh in

FRANKFORT—In an effort to make it possible for citizens to title and license certain military surplus vehicles like Humvees, the Senate Transportation Committee today unanimously passed Senate Bill 176.

“It is basically taking care of a problem that was brought to me by one of my constituents,” said Sen. Stephen West, R-Paris.

West told committee members the bill would give citizens who purchase certain military surplus vehicles a way to make them street legal. The bill would set up a way to get them licensed, titled, and ensure that they’ve been retrofitted as needed and have seat belts installed.

The proposed legislation calls for military surplus vehicles to be inspected before they are titled. Additionally, a new inspection form for the vehicles will be created and a military surplus vehicle will be defined as a motor vehicle.

The bill now goes to the Senate for full consideration.

FRANKFORT, Feb. 17 — Sen. Stephen West, R-Paris, studies the Legislative Record at his desk in the Senate. Photo: LRC Public Information
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