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Homemade Christmas Chalk

  • Makes 8 large pieces of chalk.


  • 6 cups plaster of Paris (do not pack)
  • 2-2/3 cups cool water
  • Liquid tempera paint
  • 2 empty paper towel rolls
  • Masking tape


Prepare molds by cutting paper towel roll into 4 individual tubes. Tape off bottom of each tube to form a cup. Pour plaster into a container. Using a paint stick (or other disposable stick), stir until most of the water is incorporated. Add liquid tempera paint, until you reach desired color. Mix well, especially at the bottom. Add a little more water and the mixture should begin to thicken. Stir well and pour into prepared molds. Remove molds after chalk has completely dried, which may take several days. Makes 8 large pieces of chalk.
Note: This project is very messy but a great gift idea for kids to make for their friends. Chalk is to be used only on sidewalks, as it is too hard for chalkboards.

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