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Why is my plant droopy and turning yellow? When can I cut my rose bush back?

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About Our Garden Expert

Angie McManus gardens in Simpsonville, where she lives with her husband, two daughters, and their family dog. Angie has been gardening since she was a little girl, and like most gardeners, she was introduced to gardening by her parents and grandparents. She remembers helping her grandparents tend to the vegetable garden and prepping the food for storage. She remembers harvesting rhubarb with her dad and picking beetles off of her mom’s roses as a chore. Although she has a life-long love of plants, her formal studies are in the Marine Science field. Her love of nature led her down the gardening path as an adult and she passed the Master Gardener exam in 2006. Angie has been working at The Plant Kingdom in Louisville since 2004 where she is surrounded by some of the most knowledgeable horticulturists in the field. She has been answering your gardening questions at Kentucky Living since 2006.

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