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Good News, Bad News

We live in the Information Age. We have newspapers, the Internet, radio, and television at our fingertips. If something happens on the other side of the globe, we know about it in a matter of minutes. Sometimes it feels like information overload, especially when the media chooses to focus on lurid details that most of us could do without. There has never been a shortage of bad news, but often it’s hard to find a “good news” story.

Recently the local newspaper ran a story about a man in Missouri who gives money away. He started handing out $5 and $10 bills a few years ago, but as his own wealth grew he began giving away $100 bills. For years he chose to remain anonymous, but after he was diagnosed with cancer he decided to reveal his identity. He said he wants to speak to community groups and tell people about the joy that comes from helping others.

I often joke about planting a magic money tree in my yard, about how nice it would be to go outside and pick a handful of $100 bills whenever I needed them. While I have yet to find a nursery that sells these magic trees, many of us do have other things we can share.

We can share our time with the elderly at the nursing home.

We can share friendship with someone who needs a shoulder to lean on.

We can share food with the hungry and clothes with the needy.

We can share the gift of life by donating blood.

There are good news stories in the world today, we just don’t always hear about them. There is kindness in the world, we just don’t always see it. If we share our blessings with those less fortunate, then just like the man who gave away his money, we will receive the joy that comes from helping others.

What a wonderful New Year’s resolution to make for 2007—sharing your gifts with others in need.

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