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Kentucky Living�s new look is more than skin deep�here�s what you�ll find inside, and why

Welcome to the new and, we hope, improved Kentucky Living.

It doesn�t just look different. It�s meant to be more useful to you. Let me show you around the print version of the magazine:

The cover includes the tagline, �Celebrating the energy of your community.� As a magazine published by Kentucky�s member-owned electric co-ops, Kentucky Living aims to connect the power that comes in the form of kilowatts with the strength of our local friends and neighbors.

The bottom of page 6 shows two Kentucky Living efforts to be a good organizational neighbor and citizen. One of the fine-print logos indicates the paper the magazine is printed on is made of 10 percent recycled, post-consumer waste paper. The paper is also certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, a respected standard that assures the wood used to make Kentucky Living�s paper results from practices like reforestation, legal compliance, and protection of water, soil, and biological diversity.

Page 9 lists ways you can be a part of the magazine, from new features like submitting recipes, to nominating a co-op hero, to the old favorites like letters and snapshots.

The biggest addition begins on page 16, with a new section called On the Grid. Energy costs and environmental concerns make it more important than ever to know how to make electricity work for you. Jim Dulley fans will find his column under a new name, Cutting Costs. New columns in that section will show you how to use and understand electricity, and keep you posted on co-op activities around the state.

The cover and other feature stories live in the middle of the magazine.

The wildly popular events calendar and monthly travel features have moved to the back of the magazine, this month beginning on page 42.

We�re especially excited about the new Cooperative Hero column, and its writer, on page 50. Noted columnist Byron Crawford, who has profiled Kentuckians for years in Louisville�s The Courier-Journal, will now be in the pages of Kentucky Living.

The cooking column will spotlight Kentucky chefs and reader-submitted recipes.

For dessert, our state treasure, David Dick, continues to provide the last word in Kentucky Living.

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