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Supplement to “Top Techies”

Want to discover some of the best educational apps for iPads?

Daniel James and Zach Rankin, both 2012 graduating seniors at Woodford County High School, spent countless hours last year scouring the iTunes store to find educational apps that would be useful to their fellow students, who all had received iPads through Woodford County’s High School iPad program.

Here, James and Rankin offer their list of the top five most beneficial education apps for the iPad. If you haven’t already, take time to try one out today.

1. Paper Port Notes—a digital note-taking tool for the iPad that lets you combine typed as well as handwritten notes into a single document; great for taking class notes.

2. Socrative—allows teachers to create quizzes and test preps as study aids, which students can complete via their iPads.

3. Clear Record—a free iPad voice recorder app; great for recording teachers’ lectures for playback later during test review.

4. iBooks—allows you to download and read hundreds of e-books and required reading for class; instead of buying a $9 copy of Hamlet, you can get an e-version for 99 cents.

5. iTunes U—this free app lets K-12 teachers and college professors share their course content, including audio presentations, course notes, lectures, and more all in one place. Many adults love using iTunes U to browse free lectures on topics of interest, like history or science, shared by professors around the world.

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