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Supplement to Can-O-Worms to the Rescue

Saves money
Our class is starting a compost heap and a garden to grow vegetables for our cafeteria. We are doing this because it’s cheaper than buying them. Our school is very small so we need to save money. This is how the Can-O-Worms compost system will be a great financial help.

The Can-O-Worms compost system will help us to eat healthy foods. When we eat healthy foods we can learn more easily. What we learn we can use to make the world better.

Composting also helps save room in landfills and gives nutrients back to the soil. It is also a great way to recycle. Another way composting will help us is by teaching us science in a fun, easy-to-remember way.

Theresa Jaminet, age 12, Corpus Christi Academy, Simpsonville

Food for our cafeteria
I want to win the Can-O-Worms composting system because I want to help the world become a better place. I want to become earth-friendly.

Everyone at my school will be able to compost their lunch scraps and save landfill space. We will use the compost to plant vegetables to use in our cafeteria. We could use the vegetables in our soup. We would miss less days of school because we wouldn’t get as sick because we are eating healthy. The vegetables would help our brains to grow and give us strong bones and muscles. They would help us be alert and be better students.

Shelby Cooley, age 9, Corpus Christi Academy, Simpsonville

Family bonding
Why do I want the Can-O-Worms composting unit? I want the bin because I would love to have something that is not a blight on the front yard. We could start filling in holes and deep spots in our yard with our old compost. I also love being outside during the warm months, which include fall.

The rose garden I just planted needs some fertilizer. The roses are pink and purple with a few more colors mixed with them both. The fertilizer will also be good for the veggie garden we usually plant around spring or summer time.

Our family needs something to do together and I think that the Can-O-Worms composting unit is a great way that we can bond with. I�m an only child so this will make my family have a close and tight bond with each other. I also think that this will help the ecosystem and the environment. It�ll prevent us from buying soil and fertilizer for the gardens we plant every year.

Jeren Denton, age 13, Kirksey, West Kentucky RECC

Spell it out
This is what we want:

C � Composting
A � Air
N � Nature

O � Outside
F � Fertilizer

W � Worms
O � Our Hard Work
R � Rain
M � Members of our green team
S � Soil

Summer Rains, age 8, The Green Team, Corbin Primary School, Cumberland Valley Electric cooperative

Recycle, reduce, reuse
We need a can of worms to plant and have green fun! We also need it to help the plants get better. We need it because we want to show an example to people how to help the world. We must help recycle, reduce, and reuse. I hope to help grass grow up and become a beautiful plant. If we had a Can-O-Worms it will make the dirt better and make worms a good home to live in. If you plant flowers and trees in good dirt they will grow up stronger and healthier. Strong flowers will help other insects because they need shelter and food to eat. It would also help the trees to grow because they give us oxygen and shelter for animals like squirrels. These are some of the reasons why we need a Can-O-Worms to help our world and make it a better place to live for all of us.

Kayla Lee Curry, age 8, Corbin Primary School, Cumberland Valley Electric cooperative

Setting a good example
I think Hogsett Elementary really needs a Can-O-Worms! The Can-O-Worms can help us recycle the leftover food from the cafeteria, coffee grounds, coffee filters, and lint from the dryer. We an also save money by using the compost for our gardens.

Composting is good for the environment and if we compost leftover food that will mean less trash in the landfills. Having the Can-O-Worms at Hogsett Elementary will help us become stewards of the Earth and allow us to enjoy the great outdoors!

By having the Can-O-Worms at Hogsett Elementary we can set a good example for younger students, parents, and other schools in the district. If we set good examples then maybe everyone will start recycling and we can make the world a better place.

If we win the Can�O-Worms, the worms will decompose the leftover food, which will create rich soil for our school�s garden! In addition, our homemade compost will save our school money because we will not have to buy rich soil to help grow our beautiful plants.

Zyi�Naibreon Liinexus Xisin, 4th grade, Hogsett Elementary, Danville, Inter-County Energy Cooperative

Good for the environment
The Can-O-Worms can help Hogsett Elementary in many ways. For instance, by using the compost in the Can-O-Worms our school would not have to buy so much rich soil to put around our flowers and shrubs. Students and teachers can compost the leftover cafeteria food. If we win the Can-O-Worms we can use the composter to beautify our school because the compost will help our plants grow. In addition, we can see the food chain in action. Worms are decomposers, which are part of the food chain.

Composting is good for the environment. By composting we are recycling our food and reducing trash in the land fields. The composted materials help our plants grow without the use of harmful chemicals. The harmful chemicals are the result of using unnatural fertilizers on the school�s plants.

The most important reason we need the Can-O-Worms composter is because it is good for the environment. The school would look more beautiful and it will be good for the environment. Those are all the reasons we need the Can-O-Worms composter.

Gabriel Clarkston, 4th grade, Hogsett Elementary, Danville, Inter-County Energy Cooperative

Improve our garden
There are six people in my family: my mom, dad, two younger brothers, younger sister, and me. There�s a lot of responsibility on me since my siblings need assistance on almost everything they do. One thing that they like to help with is our family�s garden.

We created our garden around two years ago. We have a good size back yard and we needed to make it less bare. My dad got the idea to start a garden. We liked the idea for many reasons. The thought seemed perfect because money is tight in our family, it took up space in the yard, it got us outside and more active, it gave us healthy foods to eat, and it�s also environmentally friendly!

I want to win the Can-O-Worms contest so our garden can improve even more. I hope that within the next year we can grow enough food and plants to fill the garden up!

Caity Brown, age 12, Bernheim Middle School, Shepherdsville, Salt River Electric cooperative

We need soil
I would like to win the Can-O-Worms composting system because my family grows most of our produce. It would cost too much to buy all the produce we eat and put up for the winter.

My dad had a heart transplant, so we have to know what kind of chemicals our food is grown in or he could get very sick. The soil where we live is terrible so the �Can� would really help to enrich the soil. When my family moved here, we had to haul in approximately 20 truckloads of manure so we could grow our vegetables.

On my birthday two years ago, we had 12 inches of rain in one afternoon that caused all our good soil to wash down the hill. With the cost of fuel so high we cannot afford to haul in new soil and the Can-O-Worms composting system could help my family create healthier soil.

Grant Wagner, 6th grade, Richmond

For all that Mom does
I would love to have the Can-O-Worms composting system for my garden because my mom has worked on the garden for a long time JUST FOR US. I would like to thank her for all the nice things she does for my two siblings and me.

I would take all of the worms from the garden and use them to compost our food scraps. We are growing lots of food in our raised beds that we built with my mom, so worms could come in handy for making rich soil from their compost.

My mom is very nice to us. She home-schools us and takes us on lots of adventures. She even took us to Lego Fest in Cincinnati. If I could give her a worm composter, it would be great to see the look in her eyes when I won the essay contest. That�s why I want the worm composter.

Max Sparks, age 10, The Sparks Academy, Cynthiana, Blue Grass Energy Cooperative

Old things become new again
I am a home-school student in Cynthiana. I would like to have the Can-O-Worms composting system for several reasons.

Composting is a really cool idea: old things becoming new again. It is truly recycling at its finest. It is great for the global environment as well as the local soil we put it in.

If I won the Can-O-Worms composting system, I would use it to change our food scraps into beautiful compost that would be added to our family garden. This would improve our soil and help us to grow our fruits and vegetables. Our family currently composts on a small scale, using a bucket and our horse manure. But having worms to help us with this process would greatly increase our composting abilities.

Hunter Sparks, age 10, The Sparks Academy, Cynthiana, Blue Grass Energy Cooperative

Green thumb dreams
I am 10 years old and I go to Williamstown School. I have three special teachers who help me.

My Mim told me about the Can-O-Worms and showed me about composting and I really can do that!
I am not afraid of worms and think it would be so cool to raise them and have my own little garden. I would use my wormies to make my dirt better so I could have lots of pretty flowers.

The wormies would help the soil and I would not have to buy a bunch of stuff from the store. I would be able to use stuff from our yard. I would use leaves and grass clippings. I would also use stuff Mim usually throws away like potato peelings.

If I won, I would take the best care of my worms and try to grow the prettiest flowers in my yard. My Mim says she does not have a green thumb but maybe I could.

Patrice �Tricie� Tucker, age 10, Williamstown Elementary, Owen Electric Cooperative

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