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Always in season

Horticulture group promotes state’s produce


In her early days, Bethany Prekopa, wouldn’t eat anything, though her mother and sisters loved food and would plan vacations around it. When the family went out to eat, Bethany’s mom would have “to pack steamed rice and chicken broth” for her, she says. 

That all changed when, at 10, Bethany attended cooking classes just for kids. Whether from peer pressure or curiosity, she began tasting. “From there, they couldn’t stop me from eating anything,” she says. 

Her enthusiasm helps in her new job promoting Kentucky produce. As direct-market promoter for the Kentucky Horticulture Council, Bethany uses videos on Facebook to teach people how to use seasonal Kentucky produce. 

You can see Bethany make a winter squash spread and other recipes on Facebook: Kentucky Horticulture Council.

Bethany Prekopa

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