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Con Artists Target Co-op Members

Swindlers posing as utility workers have targeted Kentuckians this past year, which should serve as a warning to the rest of us.

In one case, someone wearing an orange vest and claiming to represent the electric co-op showed up to install a lightning rod, and charged $4,000.

The co-op doesn’t even sell lightning rods.

At another electric co-op, a phony utility worker carrying a hand-held radio showed up at a house to talk about upgrading service in the area. During the conversation, the con artist’s partner went in the back and robbed the house.

The Kentucky Public Service Commission reports another scam involving a phone call, claiming to be from a utility, asking for an immediate payment by credit card in order to continue electric service.

You should never give out credit card information unless you initiate the call.

The PSC advises that any legitimate utility worker will be in uniform and will produce ID. Also, for any required payment, a customer will be presented with a bill. The utility worker at your door will not accept payment.

Don’t let yourself get rushed into anything. If something sounds fishy, call your electric co-op. You can also call the PSC Consumer Services Hotline at (800) 772-4636.

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