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Electric Alchemy

Watch us do the impossible.

Well, at least a lot of people think it can�t be done.

Read Kentucky Living and learn how to change electricity.

Yep. You can use your local electric co-op as a magic wand to make your electricity even better.

This month�s cover story shows just one way your co-op can help if you think your bill�s too high.

Electric co-ops can send out electricity detectives (they call them energy use advisors) to inspect the attic, investigate the basement, interrogate the insulation, and grill the appliances.

Sometimes there�s no crime�all forms of energy these days can just be plain expensive.

But other times a drafty door or faulty wiring can be stealing electricity right from under your nose.

In those cases, these co-op gumshoes can save customers money by suggesting changes as simple as insulation or weatherstripping.

Read all about it in this issue.

But wait: there�s more.

You can find stuff like this every month in Kentucky Living.

The column Cut Your Utility Bills regularly tells and shows you how to save money on your electric bill. This month, you can get a crash course on the basics of insulation.

Since January, that page has offered ways to reduce your bills by making changes to your doors, shades, vacuum cleaning, water heating, and fireplace, and by using fans, heat pumps, and skylights.

And if Cut Your Utility Bills focuses on energy by taking a magnifying glass to your home, The Future of Electricity column is a telescope orbiting in space, looking down at how we�re making better use of energy all over the world.

In 2006, the Future column reported on innovations that save energy by growing rooftop gardens, protecting birds and power lines from each other, increasing the efficiency of aluminum manufacturing, and generating electricity from ocean currents. Check out this month�s column. It�s all about how co-op computers are doing a better job of talking with each other.

You can do something about electricity to use it more efficiently. Your local electric co-op and Kentucky Living make up a team to tell you how.

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