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Friday night lights

Local electric cooperatives support schools and sports

When the temperatures begin to cool and football starts to fill the schedule, it signals a shift in the season. I enjoy watching all types of football, but my favorite is high school football.

While very few players go on to play in college, and the odds are close to zero that any of them will make a living playing professional football, these young men are the centerpieces of a community event. There is nothing greater than to see the band, cheerleaders, and multiple generations of families proudly representing their high school.

There is purity in high school football that is heartwarming. Kentucky games are filled with incomparable sights, smells, and sounds. As we sing the national anthem, we recognize our military and veterans. Local beef producers grill the best steak sandwiches you can find in the county. In the end zone, huddles of older men sport the local colors. Nothing compares to this spectacle.

I bet in your community, sponsors’ signs line the fence. Those signs often include your local electric cooperative. One of the fundamental principles of a cooperative is the commitment to community. Your cooperative not only illuminates the gridiron, but also helps your local school.

Cooperatives help schools all across Kentucky in many ways. First, they are always available to help with educational programs such as electrical safety, and award annual scholarships. Second, co-op employees serve as leaders on boards and
volunteer coaches. Finally, your cooperative is helping your local school to save money through energy efficiency and becoming energy-wise.

Enjoy the football games. Look around and appreciate the young men playing a great game. Soak in the pride from former classmates. Also, while you’re at it, take a brief look up at the bright lights and remember that your cooperative is behind them, ready to serve the community.


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