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How To Be An Expert On Energy Policy And High-tech Tips

Energy’s getting more complicated, and something you can no longer take for granted.

We’re using more electricity and its costs are rising. To get the most for your money in your home or business, you need practical advice and information about energy policy and technology.

Fortunately for you, you’re holding in your hands the ideal energy digest. Every month, Kentucky Living keeps you on top of electricity, whether it’s a report on the highest level policy debate in Washington, D.C., or advice on what kind of light bulbs to screw into your sockets.

Most of the energy info can be found in the On the Grid section this month.

In this issue, you’ll find the section begins with The Future of Electricity column about the complex issues involved with transmitting electricity in an age of plans for a smart grid and more solar and wind energy.

Next, the Cutting Costs column tells you things you may not have known about protecting your household electronics from power surges.

Battle of the bulb
The Gadgets & Gizmos column helps you make the best use of all those newfangled devices in your house. You may have heard about “the cloud” for your computer and Internet use. This month’s column explains it all, including the pros and cons of the new technology.

The Energy 101 column interprets the latest national controversy over energy-efficient light bulbs. A law passed in 2007 went into effect this year requiring light bulbs to be significantly more efficient, but Congress blocked enforcement of that law. The “Bulb wars” column explains what that means for you.

On the Grid wraps up with the Co-Operations column, describing ways that electric co-ops across the state are making a difference in their communities.

Stay tuned. We’ll do it again next month.

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