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Keep the path clear for electric lines

Spring is a great time to plant trees and bushes. It’s also perfect for adding new buildings on your property as warmer weather and longer days provide more time to be outdoors.

If you have power lines on or near your property, however, there are additional concerns to ensure you are safe and your power is not interrupted.

Please contact your co-op before you plant trees, build a barn, new house, or erect any structure near the right-of-way easement located near power lines. The co-op will be glad to mark the location of the right-of-way and explain any landscaping or construction requirements necessary.

“Trees can grow into power lines, and buildings can pose a safety and reliability threat if located near a power line,” says Nick Comer, External Affairs manager for East Kentucky Power Cooperative in Winchester. “We want homeowners to be safe and their power to always be reliable.”

By managing the right-of-way, your co-op trims trees to keep your family safe by ensuring branches do not become energized due to contact with a power line.

Your co-op can tell you what type of power line it is and the proper distance for any additions. Power lines can range from distribution lines on fairly low, wooden poles in your neighborhood, to high-voltage transmission lines on large metal structures. The type of line and its voltage will determine how far away trees, bushes, and buildings need to be to ensure safety and reliability.

Even if you are planning a garden project far from overhead power lines, be sure to call 811 a couple of days before you plan to dig. Underground utilities will be located and marked, free of charge, so you can enjoy the simple pleasures of gardening while staying safe.

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