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Keeping Power Flowing

We often take electricity for granted. It makes our homes comfortable day in and day out, and it’s ready at the flip of a switch.

What goes on behind the scenes is far more complex. The power grid consists of an intricate network of power lines crisscrossing neighborhoods and open country, over mountains and through cities.

The tricky thing about electricity is that it must be used, or moved to where it can be used, the second it’s produced. What’s more, electricity moves at the speed of light along the path of least resistance. This principle calls for a carefully monitored, intricate system to move it 24 hours a day.

When there’s a problem somewhere on your co-op’s system, a power outage typically results. Pinpointing the cause of an outage among thousands of miles of line may seem a little like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

It’s a big job, but your co-op’s line crews are up to the challenge. If you have an outage, you can help crews pinpoint damage by calling your co-op’s outage reporting number. Even if your neighbors have already called, every bit of information helps get the river flowing smoothly again.

National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

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