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Perfect Power

If you could see them, the tiny electrons flowing through power lines would look like recurring waves. For utilities, the term “power quality” means keeping those wave shapes smooth and steady—and things you do at your home and business can affect that flow.

Knowledge of power quality is among the highly technical expertise electric co-ops must have to provide you with reliable and affordable electricity.

Power quality is mainly a concern for users who need large amounts of electricity to operate equipment. Problems such as surges or spikes can cause wear and tear on equipment, as well as flicker, short circuits, even outages. Nearly all power quality problems end up getting traced to a problem created on the consumer’s side of the electric meter, and often results from things like installing a new or larger pump or other equipment, changing operating cycles, or the size and length of wire between a motor or other load and the service panel.

Utility company specialists work with consumers to find the right option to correct power quality problems.

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