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Kentucky rocks

Photo: Linda Watts
Photo: Linda Watts
Photo: Linda Watts
Photo: Linda Watts
Photo: Linda Watts

Kentucky’s Stonehenge is one of six rock displays on the Munfordville property of Chester Fryer located in Hart County.

“I was on the computer and saw Stonehenge in England and thought, ‘Hey, I can build that,’” Fryer says.

The design doesn’t follow the layout exactly, but reflects the points on a compass rose with other rocks to mark the cardinal directions.

Fryer searched more than 1,000 acres in Hatcher Valley to find the giant rocks.

“Every big rock—you can’t find them anywhere,” he says. “I’ve got them all.

He created several gardens and displays, which are open to the public year-round for viewing. Summer is the peak visiting time, when Fryer says 10-15 spectators per day come by.

Churches have used the altars for sunrise services, there have been weddings on the property, and even music videos filmed there, says Patti England  of the Munfordville Tourism Commission.

“You can get out and walk around or drive through,” England says, adding that there are parking places available.

If you’re lucky, Fryer may even be home and come out for a chat.

For more information, visit Kentucky Stonehenge.

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