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Will Putting Salt Around My Hosta Bed For Slug Control…

Judy Asked

Will putting salt around my hosta bed for slug control hurt the plants?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hi, Judy: Slugs can do a lot of damage to our plants. Not to mention that there is no slimier feeling than “getting slugged” in the garden. I do not blame you for wanting to get rid of them, but using the salt method seems like a lot of work. First, you would have to go out during the middle of the night to find them and then the salt would have to be applied directly on the slugs. I would not sprinkle it or incorporate it into your soil because this can be detrimental to your plants. Other options include Diatomaceous Earth and Sluggo, which are both organic products you should be able to find at your local garden center. Home remedies include a shallow bowl of beer, and melons also work great. Leave the bowl of beer out at night while the slugs are feeding and in the morning you will find the culprits and be able to dispose of them. As for the melon, any kind will work; of course enjoy it first and then place the hollowed-out part face-down in the garden. Again, do this at night and the next morning you will have a melon full of slugs.

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