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I Have Found A Yellow Substance In My Flower Garden….


I have found a yellow substance in my flower garden. It has shown up on the base of my flowers. It does not seem to be coming from flowers.

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The Gardener’s Answer

It sounds like you have a fungus or mold growing in your flower garden. Soil is made up of organic matter and this is a good thing that promotes healthy plants, but too much organic matter in combination with too much moisture is a great environment for fungal spores to live. Although this fungus is not harmful to your garden, it is a good indicator that the soil is too moist and this can lead to root rot, which will eventually kill your plants.

You can remove the fungal spores by scraping them off, but they may eventually grow back so avoid watering if Mother Nature provides sufficient moisture to the garden. Heat and sunlight will help to dry out the soil and kill any remaining fungal spores.

This is also common in heavily mulched beds. If you mulch your flower garden and the mulch is more than 3 inches thick, you should remove some of it.

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