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I Live In Lexington, Ky. This Is My Second Year…

Jennifer Asked

I live in Lexington, KY. This is my second year planting flowers in my front yard. I was successful last year and would like to attempt it again. Last year, I planted them in mid-May. I am anxious to plant them now. Is it too early? I would like to plant perennials.

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Jennifer in Kentucky: Gardening is certainly addictive and it sounds like you have caught the bug! All plant material has ideal planting times, and in Kentucky perennials can be planted throughout the spring, summer, and early fall. The only time we want to avoid planting them is late fall and winter. This is due to the potential of the soil freezing and thawing, which results in heaving of roots that are not yet established, making them susceptible to winter damage. When we plant the other times of the year they have enough time to get their roots settled before the cold weather arrives. There are benefits to planting in the spring since the temperatures are typically cooler and rainfall is common. This is helpful in terms of good conditions for the plants to get established. We will likely have to water more during the hot summer months if this is when we do our planting. So, certain times of the year it is less maintenance on our part if Mother Nature cooperates. No matter when you decide to plant, it is always important to choose plant material that will be happy growing in conditions that you can provide. Sunlight, soil, and nutrients all need to be taken into consideration when designing your garden. If you have not had your soil tested, you may want to so you know what nutrient levels you are dealing with. You can contact your County Cooperative Extension Service for details on having your soil tested. Happy planting!

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