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I Cut My Persimon Tree Back; The Branches And Leaves…

Abraham Asked

I cut my persimon tree back; the branches and leaves all grew back but now it won’t give fruit. Is there anything I can do or is it done with giving fruit?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Abraham in California: The persimmon tree is native to the Orient but has been grown in the States since the 1800s. There are thousands of cultivated varieties but they all require the same pruning practices. It is important to first understand the fruiting habit of the tree and the proper pruning techniques. Flowers develop on new growth during the spring months. This new growth emerges from last year’s growth, also referred to as 1-year-old wood. Fruit is then developed on the tips of the new growth. If you pruned earlier in the season you probably removed any potential fruit. The tree will bear fruit again but it may be a couple of years depending on how hard you pruned. If this is a young tree it is important to develop a central leader and open canopy. Pruning should be done during the colder months while the tree is dormant. The idea behind pruning is maintaining a framework that is conducive to bearing fruit and harvesting. The branching structure should be open and somewhat symmetrical. This allows for good air circulation and prevents over-crowding of branches. All suckers, crossing/rubbing branches, and dead or diseased branches should be removed as soon as you notice them. If you need more specific information on pruning your persimmon you can visit

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