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What Type Of Monkey Grass Or Grass Is Used In…

Jeannine Asked

What type of monkey grass or grass is used in between stepping stone sidewalks instead of concrete or gravel?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hi, Jeannine: Planting in between your stepping stones allows for drainage as opposed to hardscaping or sealing the entire space, which does not allow for drainage and can produce excess runoff. So it is better for the environment and gives the landscape a softer look. Planting grass in between your stepping stones is an option, but one that will require maintenance since it would still need to be trimmed. There are many other alternatives for planting in between your stepping stones. First, it is important to determine how much sunlight the area receives on a daily basis and how much foot traffic is expected. Some plants can handle heavier traffic than others. Many garden centers offer stepables that are low-growing hardy perennials used for this purpose. Some sun to part-sun choices are Veronica ‘Heavenly Blue’ and various sedums such as ‘John Creech’ and ‘Angelina.’ Some shadier options are ajuga ‘Chocolate Chip,’ golden creeping Jenny (Lysmachia), various thyme, Irish moss (Sagina subulata), Mondo grass, and several epimediums. You might want to check with your local garden centers/County Cooperative Extension Service since you are gardening in a different zone than we are in Kentucky. There may be other options for your garden.

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