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When Is The Best Time To Sow Yard Grass So…

Wilma Asked

When is the best time to sow yard grass so it goes in and you don’t have to disk it?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Wilma:Here in Kentucky we have two different time frames to take advantage of the cooler temperatures as well as moisture levels for seeding our lawns. The first time frame, and usually the most successful, is from the middle of August until the middle of September. The next opportunity is mid-February to mid-March. It is just as important to choose a grass that will do well in your area. Tall fescue is one that will do well throughout our state, but Kentucky Bluegrass does well in eastern and central Kentucky, and Bermuda or zoysiagrass does well in western Kentucky. Different grass seed requires different rates of application, so keep this in mind when purchasing the seed. We also have to take the light conditions into consideration when choosing the best seed. You may want to contact your county Cooperative Extension agent to ask about local recommendations. You may also ask your agent about having your soil tested to determine lime and fertilizer levels before you seed. Preparing the soil is important in terms of removing rocks and other debris that may be in the way. It is important to loosen the soil before seeding but it is not necessary to use a disk. It depends on the size of the space you want to seed. It is best to loosen the soil and a rake might work just fine depending on how hard the surface of the soil is. We cannot just throw seed on the surface and expect it to germinate, so there is some preparation involved. It depends on the current condition of the existing soil. After you have seeded, remember to water and you may also want to mulch to help retain the moisture. Sodding is another option although a more expensive one; it can be done all year long except during the winter and hot, dry summers.

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