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Perennial or annual suggestions

Aaron Asked

Hello. Off the front porch of my new home, front to back, there are spirea on the left, wee Willy boxwoods on the right and behind that is our China Holly. There’s a space in the middle that was left for annuals. Looking for a nice low growing perennials or annual that would be a good companion. Thank you.

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The Gardener’s Answer

Hi, Aaron: Congratulations on your new home. I apologize for the very delayed response to your landscaping question. You have probably planted something already but just in case, here are a few thoughts. Planting perennials will be less maintenance in the long run, but the trade-off of incorporating annuals would be consistent blooms throughout the growing season. Annuals will allow you to switch up the plant and/or bloom color every year. A low-growing perennial or groundcover will create a more permanent landscape and potentially eliminate the need for mulch. Some sun-loving annuals that would compliment the existing landscape include: Vinca, lower growing Lantana varieties, Purple Heart (Setcreasea), Verbena, Million Bells (Calibrachoa), and the shorter Zinnia varieties would work well. Perennial options to consider include: Sweet Alyssum, Creeping Phlox (subulata), hardy Geranium (saguineum), Dianthus, hardy Plumbago, and many of the Stonecrop Sedums are evergreen and provide interesting foliage color. Happy gardening!

Angie Oakley

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